Men's Bands

Men’s Wedding Bands

As soon as you know  when to buy his wedding band, check out our wedding band trends and get him the piece he will cherish for the rest of his life.

Coupled Single Diamond Round Burnish Band 6mm
Copley Triple Row Men's Band
Commanding Grey Titanium Diamond Inlay Step Band
Coupled Eternity Band 6mm
Commanding Grey Titanium Band with Cable Band
Coupled Single Diamond Flat Burnish Band 6mm
Coupled Encompass Diamond Line band 6mm
Coupled Simplicity Diamond Band Sandblast 6mm
Commanding Black Titanium Multi-Groove Bevel Band
Coupled Simplicity Diamond Band 6mm
Coupled Encompass Band 6mm
Coupled Encompass Metal Band
Commanding Grey Titanium Hammered Dome Step Band
Coupled Simplicity Metal Band Sandblast
Commanding Black Titanium Tri-Dome Bevel Band
Copley Diamond Ring
Coupled Multi Diamond Flat Burnish Band 6mm
Men's Flat Comfort Fit Band
Awesomest Kiss
Distinguished Diamond Ring
Distinguished Single Bezel Diamond Ring Textured
Coupled Multi Diamond Round Burnish Band 6mm
Coupled Metal Band
Distinguished Single Bezel Diamond Ring
Copley Single Diam Band 6mm
Men's Half-Round Comfort Fit Band
Commanding Grey Titanium Dome Grid Band
Commanding Grey Titanium Double Inlay Bevel Band
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Commanding Grey Titanium Milgrain Inlay Dome Band
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Coupled Encompass Triple Row Band 6mm
Coupled Simplicity Metal Band
Commanding Black Titanium Dome Bevel Band
Coupled Encompass Triple Row Metal Band
Copley Multi Diam Band 5mm