Lorelei Collection

Right Hand Rings

From simple and classic right hand diamond rings to fun and flirty diamond cocktail rings, our fashion rings symbolize a woman's confidence and unique sense of style.
Illa Triple Cosmic Ring
Atlantico Wave Right Hand Ring
Aerial Diamond Right Hand Ring
HOF Signature Midi Band
Illa Wraparound Comet Ring
Triplicity Open Bezel Band
Triplicity Single Pointed Ring
Fulfillment Hearts Band
Aerial Teardrop Double Ring - Diamond Intensive
Lorelei Triple Wave Diamond Ring
Diamond Bar Beaded Crown Band
HOF Bezel Regal Triple Ring
Enchantment Right Hand Ring
Aerial Stackable Band - Regal
Lorelei Diamond Right Hand Ring
Aerial Cross Over Right Hand Ring
Aerial Stackable Band - Regal Angle
Aerial Double Ring - Diamond Intensive
HOF 5 Stone Halo Band
Lorelei Diamond Interlocking Ring
Lorelei Right Hand Ring
HOF Classic Double Row Band
Lorelei Criss Cross Ring
Lorelei Interlocking Ring
Illa Wraparound Diamond Comet Ring
Atlantico Triple Wave Diamond Ring
HOF Regal Diamond Ring
Aerial Stackable Band - Teardrop
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Illa Cosmic Ring
Lorelei Floral Midi Band
Aerial Beaded Stackable Band - Regal Angle
Copley Center Bezel Band
Intermingle Single Right Hand Ring
Lorelei Diamond Criss Cross Ring
Illa Cosmic Double Finger Ring
Double-Row Eternity Band Right Hand Ring
Intertwining Diamond Right Hand Ring
HOF Two Diamond Ring
Fulfillment Round Band
Aerial Beaded Stackable Band - Regal
Lorelei Double Link Wave Ring
Diamond Bar Single Prong Milgrain Midi Band
HOF Enticing Three Row Ring
Illa Diamond Open Comet Ring
Aerial Four Row Right Hand Ring
Illa Diamond Band
Aerial Stackable Band - Teardrop Angle
Truly Classic Four-Row Right Hand Ring
Right Hand Ring, Triple-Row Eternity Band
Atlantico Wave Diamond Band
The Most Perfectly Cut Diamond In the World
Intermingle Double Right Hand Ring
Illa Right Hand Ring
Diamond Bar Double Crown Band
Truly Triple Row Right Hand Ring
Aerial Victorian Bypass Diamond Ring
Aerial Teardrop Double Ring
Triplicity Pointed Diamond Ring
HOF Two Diamond Ring - Diamond Band
Diamond Bar Coronet Midi Band
Illa Open Comet Ring
Aerial Beaded Stackable Band - Teardrop Angle
HOF Timeless Two Row Ring
Intertwining Midi Band
HOF Enchantress Ring
Diamond Bar Coronet Band
Gracious Bezel Diamond Band
Copley Side Bezel Band
Meet Our Designer - Ilaria Lanzoni
Triplicity Double Pointed Ring
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Aerial Beaded Stackable Band - Teardrop
Copley Bezel Right Hand Ring
Aerial Double Ring